Providing Therapeutic Treatments in an Environment of Relaxation

Urban Escape Massage & Bodywork aspires to offer the best in integrative bodywork and all natural skin care.   To truly be well, one needs to have the proper balance of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and address the physical, emotional, and chemical stressors that our bodies are exposed to on an ongoing basis. By raising our bodies’ thresholds to stressors we can dramatically impact the destructive nature that stress can have while decreasing our incidence of musculoskeletal injuries and the onset of disease processes.  Regular bodywork can aid in this process by helping to improve the function of every system in the body.


At Urban Escape, we specialize in providing these therapeutic treatments in an environment of relaxation, for a perfect escape into physical and spiritual wellness. We view bodywork and skin care not as a luxury, although often luxurious, but rather as a fundamental resource to your health and well-being.  As part of that philosophy, we believe this can only be achieved through a mindful practice that is performed with meaningful techniques. 


We know that busy people want and need results.  Our mission is to provide a haven of peace and tranquility for our clients, with the goal of promoting the achievement and maintenance of healthy skin, healthy body, and healthy spirit.  Our therapists will guide you to the right treatments to help you see visible, quick results.  With an emphasis on individual consultation and clinical analysis, our expertly trained staff will provide professional treatments and a suggested home care program.  We welcome you to our wellness center where you will find positive energy, health, and healing. 


Our Philosophy

We strive to restore healthy function and activity to people with injuries or illness and to maximize wellness and health in those who seek it.  We will facilitate each person's wellness potential by helping them move towards full capability and away from toxicity.  Our goal is to provide resources for our clients to assist them in living in a state of optimal well-being, in a lifestyle that nurtures wellness.  We do this by providing therapeutic bodywork and skin care in an environment of relaxation.