Providing Therapeutic Treatments in an Environment of Relaxation

Urban Escape Massage & Bodywork aspires to offer the best in integrative bodywork and all natural skin care.   To truly be well, one needs to have the proper balance of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and address the physical, emotional, and chemical stressors that our bodies are exposed to on an ongoing basis. By raising our bodies’ thresholds to stressors we can dramatically impact the destructive nature that stress can have while decreasing our incidence of musculoskeletal injuries and the onset of disease processes.  Regular bodywork can aid in this process by helping to improve the function of every system in the body.

Not just an indulgence but a necessity in today's hectic world, Urban Escape offers a transcendent atmosphere and a regenerating pause from the pressures of everyday life, for a perfect escape into physical and spiritual wellness. We view bodywork and skin care not as a luxury, although often luxurious, but rather as a fundamental resource to your health and well-being.  In an atmosphere of relaxation, using only organic and all-natural products. we focus on therapeutic skin care, massage and wellness.

At Urban Escape, we work with you to identify your goals for treatment:

      For the body, whether you are looking for relaxation from the stress of the day, or therapeutic bodywork designed to treat specific symptoms -  both types of therapy are very beneficial and it is our philosophy to blend these two elements of bodywork to provide you with the very best treatment designed specifically for you and your individual needs.

      And for your skin, we offer a variety of services including customized facials to treat your specific needs, as well as home care products to continue promoting the beauty and youthfulness of your skin, enhanced with all natural products that are made with fruit enzymes, antioxidants, exfoliants, and natural brighteners, which are the base of this skin care line.

With an intention of healing and with your well-being at the forefront of our thoughts, let us provide you with a refuge of tranquility and renewal, allowing the stress to drift away as you retreat from the cares of the world.


Our Philosophy

We strive to restore healthy function and activity to people with injuries or illness and to maximize wellness and health in those who seek it.  We will facilitate each person's wellness potential by helping them move towards full capability and away from toxicity.  Our goal is to provide resources for our clients to assist them in living in a state of optimal well-being, in a lifestyle that nurtures wellness.  We do this by providing therapeutic bodywork and skin care in an environment of relaxation.

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